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SEO Service

Our company SunNet Software Systems, focusing to bring up your business a success with all possible right moves towards Search Engine Optimization. We understand that our major clients are positioned on the top page results on the Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our main aim is to keep you site on top of your competitor’s site, for this purpose at every time we are monitoring all the new ways for achieving the same.

Why other’s choosing us for their SEO needs?

Many SEO Companies are suggesting clients very less competitive or irrelevant keywords and it may be easily shown on the top pages of the search engines, but it doesn’t provide any type of organic search traffic towards your website. Their only means to show the site on the top pages, it doesn’t mean it will provide a good / organic search traffic on your website, we are not doing like this, as said above for finding up your competitive and organic search keywords, our SEO expert team first analyse your business terms and the targeted markets from your website.

Our company SunNet Software Systems sign onto projects only after we make sure that we can put our passion for perfection into action on each project, basically our main focus on services towards our individual clients. We are not only giving an “offer” to have a chance to reach top page results on the major search engines, but also giving “assurance” to be on top page and good organic search results.

You might think that you didn’t get any business or any targeted lead even if your website is on the 2nd or 3rd page of the search engine results. Our SEO service expert teams to help your website for bringing a good result of natural search results by showing your website on the top 10 results on the search engines.

Are we Offer Guaranteed and Assured Results to our clients?

Besides SEO Services in Delhi, our company offers Best Website Designers and Website Developers and also we are the Custom Software Developers. We are giving you an example for the top rank in Google search results for the following keywords:

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As we above said not only our target is to bringing your website on the top 10 results on the search engine but also we are helping you to provide High Page Ranking and Good Natural Traffic towards your business.

You might have the following SEO queries :
1. What is the minimum period of time for showing the results?

You can watch the result of your website after the first two – three months of our SEO service; you can also feel your website giving results after one month even. SEO crawlers may look at a number of different factors when crawling a site. Not every page is indexed by the search engines, distance of pages from the root directory of a site may also be a factor or pages not get crawled. SEO Services is a very complicated process, because the major search engines are continuously amending their search engine process. It causes slow-down the SEO result also. Our SEO services Team are also updating their views and experience. That’s why we are charging from the customer from 7th month only after delivering the promised results, of the agreed competitive keywords.
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2. What is the Minimum Cost of SEO?

As discussed above our company “SunNet Software Systems” only signing up an SEO Service project, first we make sure we can truly full-fill both customer and ours service satisfaction after putting all our best efforts towards the SEO Service, thus the cost is also varies from industry to industry and competitive keywords. Basically our SEO Service charges are very competitive. Instead of our basic SEO packages, we are finalizing the SEO prices only after analysing the customer’s business website, targeted market, the Search Keywords etc…
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3. What is the best Option PPC or Natural SEO ?

Both Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are two different ways of working, PPC giving an instant solutions and Natural SEO takes three to four minimum month time to reach the top position with the competitive keyword of the search engines. These are depending on customer’s business strategy and monthly targeted budget. We suggest to the customer after analysing their business website and their above said targets. Honestly we can say at every time PPC is very costly than Natural SEO. The natural SEO service process is tough but the result is long-lasting. We prefer Natural Website Optimization only.
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4. Why not having business even after site has a high ranking ?

Are you curious? Why not having business even after your website has showing the top page results? Why end user not using the site fully? There are so many possible reasons, these might be the following: - poor site design, poor site usability, improper keywords etc… Our company SunNet Software Systems offers all the website services starting from Website Designing to Website Optimization, our ultimate aim is to make your business a success. We assure you that all your SEO queries will be taken care of.
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Our SEO Strategy

Mainly we are doing SEO by following “Google Webmaster Guidelines” and we are doing only White Hat SEO methods. We create only ‘do-follow’ links and submit the links to the relevant, good ranking and related (category) directories only.

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